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sGuiding is a mobile audioguide app available for both IOS and Android. It's tailored for independent travelers who want to experience Paris without a personal guide. Within the app, users can select from a variety of themed itineraries or venture out on their own, guided by our GPS-based automatic voice guide. Our detailed descriptions provide rich historical context and fascinating stories about Parisian heritage sites. The app is accessible in three languages (French, English, and Chinese), with content meticulously translated and professionally recorded by the sGuiding team.

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Sustainable approach

sGuiding gives individual visitors the chance to discover Paris with an eco-friendly audioguide solution, without the need for a guided tour by bus or boat. We encourage soft mobility for everyone, with content lasting around 2min30, ideal for a walking tour.


Offer adapted to disabled people
Hearing impairment

Thanks to automatic triggering near sites, sGuiding is the ideal solution for an independent visit to Paris. Descriptions are available to listen to as well as to read, making it easy for visually, hearing and motor-impaired visitors.

Paris for people with disabilities

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