MMaestro Musique Expérience

50 rue Mirabeau - 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine
The MMaestro Musique Experience Agency offers you tailor-made musical experiences with professional musicians to accompany you.
Something to discover and experience the Paris of music and the French Touch.
Whether you are a singer or an instrumentalist, the sessions are accessible to everyone and to all styles of music.
Why not with friends or family to share and record an unforgettable moment.
1/ Choose the title you want to perform
2/ We create a group of tailor-made MMaestro musicians for you
3/ Rehearse with your MMaestro group, in a studio near your hotel, work, home,…
4/ Register your title with your MMaestro group
5/ Vibrate on stage with your MMaestro group (bar, club, lounge,…) and why not at home in the presence of your loved ones.
6/ Studio or outdoor photo shoots in the streets of Paris.
7/ Personalize the look of your CD, Vinyl, Mp3 recording with the MMaestro Lab.
8/ In 3 hours with our videographer MMaestro, the tailor-made shooting of your video clip in the streets of Paris, and in which you will contribute to the production.
Settle in, we take care of everything!


50 rue Mirabeau
94200 Ivry-sur-Seine
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7Pierre et Marie Curie

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