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LUCKY-LOST, the QR Code that brings back your lost objects!
We all have stories of lost objects that cannot be found, or found goods that cannot be returned to their owner, such as :
- A laptop or its charger forgotten on the move,
- A smartphone left on a restaurant table,
- Keys or access badge dropped from a pocket,
- A child's comforter lost in the street,
- A bag or suitcase left behind in a taxi...
All these situations are experienced by many of us every day and can be a major source of stress, lost time and money.
LUCKY-LOST anticipates the loss thanks to the QR Code associated with the object and referenced in the platform. Once lost, found, a simple scan on the QR Code proposes an anonymous relationship between the Discoverer and the Owner for a hand delivery or a deposit in a safe place such as a Marie, a police station...
LUCKY-LOST products are innovative and easy to use, giving even the most precious objects a chance of finding their owner quickly and efficiently.
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27 rue du chemin vert
75011 Paris
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