ICI Toilettes

ICI Toilettes now in Paris : the solution to your pressing need to go to the toilets ! Finding toilets in Paris will no longer be a problem…
The application provides users with a network of shopkeepers (bars, cafés, restaurants) who give free access to their toilets (and with no obligation to buy a drink). Thanks to the mapping system you may also see the public toilets that have been verified by ICI Toilettes.
How does it work ? All you have to do is download the application called ICI Toilettes (download and use are free of charge). It gives you a map of all toilets in the town in real time. You may also filter by places with baby changing tables, places accessible to people with disabilities or simply the nearest one ! ICI Toilettes also provides you with sanitary towels and tampons in the different places, to help out if needed.
ICI Toilettes is managed by a social and solidarity-based economy French start-up that was founded in May 2019 : Urban Services.


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