Action Passeraile

NC - 75 Paris
Action Passeraile is a non-profit organisation which offers accompaniment and care for adults who have physical or visual impairments in Paris. We can join for you for a walk, a trip to the cinema, theatre or the shops, a museum visit, etc. All of our staff are volunteers and are trained by us to offer free accompaniment on request.
Office hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10:30am-6:30pm.
Accompanying hours: Monday-Sunday, 10am-midnight.

Action Passeraile also educates local businesses and communities about disability by creating dynamic and user-friendly situations and helping to train staff in order to change the perception of disability. The services take place on your business' premises.


Offer adapted to disabled people

Action Passeraile offers two activities: company for people with physical or visual impairments, and training for local businesses and communities.

Paris for people with disabilities

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