Tourism barometer September 2023

Tourism barometer September 2023

Paris Tourism Barometer - september 2023

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Early autumn boosted by Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is expected to attract 450,000 international tourists to the country.

The presence of foreign tourists in Greater Paris is increasing, with a +10.6% rise in the volume of international tourists compared to 2022, over the first 20 days of September.

Two peaks in visitor numbers are identifiable, on Friday September 8 (France-New Zealand match) and Saturday September 9 (Australia-Georgia match).

The number of Australian tourists was up +113.0% on 2022, since the beginning of September; they numbered 30,000 on September 9 in Greater Paris.

Visitors from New Zealand, up +220.4%, numbered over 6,000 in Greater Paris on September 8.

The start of autumn is looking good: international air arrivals forecast for October-November are +2.4% higher than in 2019. However, several factors are hampering the recovery of certain long-haul markets: the conflict affecting the Russian market; the still very gradual recovery of air links between mainland China and France (-53.4% of flights forecast for the last quarter of 2023 compared with 2019); longer waiting times for visas in certain Middle Eastern markets; and the economic situation in Brazil, which is deteriorating under the impact of restrictive monetary policy and the slowdown in the global economy.

Air and hotel bookings

October 2023

+16.3% to date vs. 2022, and a level comparable to 2019. Markets with the strongest growth over 2019 include Australia (8,900 pax, +34.0%), Ireland (10,500 pax, +35.6%), Argentina (4,500 pax, +40.7%), New Zealand (2,200 pax, +174.9%) and South Africa (6,600 pax, +448.0%).

Occupancy forecasts for the first week of October are above 75%.

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