Exhibition / Sport

It's going to be sport! - Cultural Olympiad

From April 23, 2024 to July 7, 2024

In the "It's going to be sport!" exhibition, sport, art and games come together for a unique experience

When we think of sport, we often think of the spirit of competition, of surpassing oneself and of bulging muscles. But what if the emphasis was on play, fun and discovery? That's the ambition of the "It's going to be sport!" exhibition, which brings together contemporary artistic creations inviting the public to enjoy a playful and interactive experience. Installations, sculptures, videos and drawings set bodies in motion and explore the many facets of play.
Château du Val Fleury - 5 allée du Val Fleury, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm to 6pm; Sunday, 2pm to 6.30pm
All public