Le 33 Mai

21 rue Le Regrattier - 75004 Paris
The gallery Le 33 mai exhibits artist duos, presenting a painter or a photographer and a sculptor, always in search of aan obvious resonance between the two artists.

We welcome various universes and techniques according to our favorites of the moment: Figurative, abstract, oxidation, painting, collages, inks, drawing, bronze, ceramics or even metal, as long as it gives us a strong emotion to be shared with visitors and collectors.

The gallery is above all a place to discover new artists and where all kind of arts can interact. Literary, musical events or events related to other arts punctuate the exhibitions.


21 rue Le Regrattier
75004 Paris
Parking lot
Lobau, 4 Rue de Lobau - 75004 Paris
Public transportation
7Pont Marie Cité des Arts
DChatelet les Halles
67Pont Marie