Paris 2024 - Experiencing Paris before and during the Games

How do you get the full Paris experience before and during the Olympic Games? Despite the preparations under way, or the traffic adjustments and security perimeters to be expected, the city will remain accessible to its visitors.
For two 15-day periods this summer, Paris will be hosting a spectacular event with a global resonance. For months now, Paris has been working hard to provide you with the best possible welcome!
As summer approaches, Paris is getting ready to host the Olympic Games, both at its iconic venues and at temporary sites to be created. Visitors will still be able to discover the city in the run-up to the Games, as preparations gradually get under way.
After a hundred-year interval, the long-awaited Olympic flame will once again illuminate the City of Light. In summer 2024, the Olympic Games will be held in Paris for the third time. Sport and excitement will fill the city, which will be transformed to welcome the world's biggest event right at its very heart.
Prepare your customers' travel plans for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: security and traffic perimeters, operations and all the answers to your questions.