Sustainable and responsible Games

The Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games will be both spectacular and sustainable, in keeping with the challenges of the 21st century!

Climate and environment at the heart of the Paris 2024 project

The Olympic Movement is constantly reinforcing its commitment to the climate and the environment. Environmental responsibility was a core part of the Paris 2024 bid, and this emphasis is being carried through the organisational phases to the upcoming games themselves. Paris 2024 is working together with Paris City Council and all its other partners to cut the greenhouse gas emissions generated in organising the games by half, and to offset more emissions than it creates.

Frugality, innovation, measurement and support for climate contribution projects

Frugality is a key tenet of Paris 2024, thanks to the decision to use 95% existing or temporary venues for the Olympic events and festivities. Cutting down on building will reduce the carbon footprint of the Games and also showcase France’s architecture and heritage through the sites chosen.

Paris 2024 is also testing and developing innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: 100% renewable energy during the games, the circular economy, sustainable food sourcing (local and more plant-based), responsible digital technology, the use of clean transport solutions for the Olympic fleet and more.

Paris 2024 has created a tool to measure and track the carbon footprint throughout the organisation of the games, and make adjustments where necessary.

A voluntary offset programme is being run to offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, generated for example by spectators travelling internationally. It will notably support carbon capture projects and initiatives to restore and protect forests and oceans.

Paris 2024 is working with an “ecological transformation committee” of climate protection experts and representatives from WWF France to ensure that the Games meet their sustainability goals.

Economically and socially responsible Games

Paris 2024 is developing a new model for the Games. They will be open to all businesses, including those from the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) which strive to combine business success with social justice. To achieve this, Paris 2024, Solideo (the public body responsible for delivering the infrastructure) and Paris City Council have joined forces with the Yunus Centre, a global SSE resource centre, and Les Canaux, a non-profit body that supports organisations working innovatively for a fairer economy.

Their aims are three-fold: to ensure local young people can take full advantage of the jobs created by Paris 2024, to provide work for the long-term unemployed and to enable entrepreneurs to develop their corporate social responsibility strategy.

The Paris 2024 Social Charter has supported the development of the Games from their inception. It sets and promotes a list of social commitments that will ensure that the Games leave behind them a strong social heritage.

A monitoring committee sees that the Social Charter is implemented. It consists of the trade unions and employers’ associations involved in Paris 2024 and meets once a quarter.

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