Practical information

Find out below everything you should know to organize your event or stay in Paris!

• In Paris, French and English are spoken.

• The currency is the euro (€)

• Paris is in GMT + 1 time zone

• The electricity network has adpoted the European standard of a tension of 230 V, with a frequency of 50 Hz

Tap water is drinkable

Wi-Fi is widespread and available

Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday; automatic cash distributors function 24/24.

Shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm (on average);

Tips are appreciated, but not obligatory

Paris je t'aime - Tourist Office

You are organizing an event in Paris, a stay for your client or a group in the capital and wish to book tickets or transport passes? Paris je t'aime - Tourist Office offers a ticketing service.

To extend the Parisian experience during a tourist stay, find all the information you need to organize your trip, find inspiration and book your tickets in advance on or go to our reception points in Paris to talk to one of our advisors.

French public holidays

1 January New Year’s Day
Btw 22 March and 25 April Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
8 May 1945 Victory Day
40 days after Easter (thursday) Ascension Day
50 days after Easter (monday) Pentecost Day
14 July Bastille Day
15 August Assumption Day
1 November All Saints’ Day
11 November 1918 Armistice
25 December Christmas Day


Depending on the nationality of the delegates, the duration and the reason for their stay in France, it may be necessary for them to obtain a visa before leaving. In this case, they should apply to the French consulate in their country. Details of the addresses can be found on the website of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

For citizens of European Union countries, a current valid identity card is sufficient. However, for citizens of another country, a passport is obligatory, with a visa for certain countries.

For all the information :

  • Find out if you need a visa
  • How to apply for a visa
  • Know where to submit your application
  • Follow your visa application

Go to the website : France-Visas - The official website for visas to France

For help in obtaining travel documents, contact VisaMundi.

Tourist tax

The Paris City Council collects a visitor tax that applies to paying accommodation. The tax varies from €0.25 to €5.00 per person and per day, and is rarely included in the room rate.

End of roaming charges

June 15th 2017 marked the end of roaming charges in the European Union.

All European travelers can use their smartphone at no extra cost in any other EU country (calls, SMS and mobile internet connections).
For non-European travelers, there are solutions like Bouygues Telecom - My European SIM.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

French VAT: 20%

VAT recovery is possible for the attendees who come from a country outside the European Union. They have to be over 15 years of age and have spent a minimum of €100 ($117) in the same store within the last 3 months.
For a VAT refund, they can ask for a Tax Free Shopping France invoice when they shop in any major store or “Tax free for tourists” boutique. The amount to be refunded is shown under the heading “montant de la détaxe”. They should have their invoices stamped at airport customs on leaving the EU and return the validated pink copies within three months using the stamped addressed envelope given to them at the time they made their purchases.

A foreign event planner and/or corporation organizing a meeting, conference or exhibition in Europe is, in most cases, subject to Value Added Tax if any fees are to be collected for this event.

This means that the foreign event planner and/or corporation is legally required to:

  • register for VAT in the European country where the event takes place.
  • assess VAT on all invoices issued regarding the event.
  • deduct the VAT paid on most invoices to the European vendors.

If the foreign event planner/corporation does not comply with European Union VAT laws, they will:

  • incur a tax penalty for violation of VAT laws, if discovered.
  • decrease their profit margin because none of the VAT incurred from the European vendors will be refundable.

Please note that most attendees/sponsors representing business entities worldwide are able to reclaim the VAT charged for the event.
VAT registration must be done at the planning stage of the event. Experts are specialists in the field of VAT optimization and in the assistance to companies seeking international development.