The 2024 Games: Paris is getting ready!

After a hundred-year interval, the long-awaited Olympic flame will once again illuminate the City of Light. In summer 2024, the Olympic Games will be held in Paris for the third time. Sport and excitement will fill the city, which will be transformed to welcome the world's biggest event right at its very heart.

Paris has been planning this transformation for several years now with the objective of making the Olympic Games a catalyst for public policies and initiatives to improve the quality of life in the city, during and after the Games, for residents and visitors alike.


Environmental responsibility is the common thread running through all these preparations. By anticipating it from the outset, with 95% of future Olympic venues already in existence or temporary.
What’s more, one of the most spectacular aspects of these Games is the use of the heart of the city of Paris throughout the event. Many sporting events take place in the most iconic and most central venues in the city. From BMX Freestyle to breaking, in Place de la Concorde, judo and wrestling on the Champ de Mars, not forgetting the grandiose opening ceremony along the Seine!
Nevertheless, new venues will be built, such as the Adidas Arena - Porte de la Chapelle or the Olympic Village at Saint-Denis, both of which are intended to become permanent venues, central to future eco-districts, around which will be shops, green spaces, a new university, and new housing. A key feature of this new district will also be the new Olympic Aquatics Centre which will be connected to the Stade de France by a footbridge.
The Games will also mark the reopening to the public of the iconic Grand Palais, which has been closed since March 2021 for major renovations. Not forgetting the numerous renovations of sporting facilities throughout the north-east of Paris, and the renovation of Paris’s big squares. The whole of Paris is becoming more and more attractive!


For the city and its region, this bold ambition was a unique opportunity to renovate and optimize its urban space… With the single objective of making Paris a better place to live.
Freer, cleaner, closer. That could be the motto of post-Olympic Paris.
The first step towards ‘better living’ is to clean up the Seine. What seemed like a wild idea just a few years ago is finally going to be possible: from 2025, Parisians and visitors will be able to swim in the famous river, with 23 bathing areas created, including three in the capital.
Making access to water easier also means continuing to provide Paris’s water, whose quality is internationally recognized, to everyone in public areas: through the 1,200 free fountains (some with bubbles!) or via some 1,000 or so shopkeepers who allow everyone to fill their water bottles on their premises, free of charge.
The second step towards ‘better living’ is to improve traffic flow in the capital.
Firstly through public transport, whether it be the 21 new metro stations, various extensions on lines, in particular line 14 as far as Orly airport to the South of Paris, the RER A and B which will be made accessible to people with disabilities as will 100% of bus lines, or in the longer term, the Grand Paris Express, which will link the main living and working areas around Paris and will be completed by 2030.
Then through bike transport with the creation of more than 60 km of additional bike paths to the already existing 1,000. Plus, 3,000 additional Vélib’ bikes will be available, and some 10,000 or so bike parks will be created.
And lastly, through boat transport with the future prospect of introducing electric river vessels.
Regarding road traffic, the ZTL (‘Limited Traffic Zone’) initiative in the centre of Paris, aims to have a significant impact on air quality. The dedicated Olympic traffic lanes during the summer of 2024, particularly on the ring road, will be reserved after the Games for public transport, taxis, and car sharing. This project will be accompanied by a green makeover, with the planting of almost 45,000 trees by 2024.


Last but not least, as a result of these games, the entire Parisian tourism and events industry is preparing to welcome visitors from all over the world, with hospitality that has been rethought and brought up to the highest standards, with a Parisian ‘je ne sais quoi’ to match. Before, during and after the Games, Paris is ready!