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A new cultural and events destination in Greater Paris!

One of the major openings in 2023 is this romanesque and one-of-a-kind place! A cross-section of art, science and technology, history and nature, Hangar Y is an invitation to explore, discover and experience a sense of wonder … and also offers endless possibilities for hosting professional events. We’ll give you a tour!

Hangar Y – Paris Meudon - Façade, Paris
History is the DNA of Hangar Y! Built in 1879, it housed the world’s first airship factory. Named after the military plot of land ‘Y’ on which the building was constructed, it was one of the cradles of French aeronautics until the end of the First World War.

It then became the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace until the museum was moved to Le Bourget in 1973. The place was then used for various purposes (notably as a film studio) but was unfortunately left abandoned for a long time before renovation started in 2018.

The ‘Culture et Patrimoine’ group, headed by entrepreneur and patron Frédéric Jousset, was the driving force behind the project and launched this historic monument on an outstanding renovation programme to create an utterly delightful cultural and event venue.

Hangar Y – Paris Meudon - Leebul, Paris
Situated close to the forest of Meudon, to the south-west of Paris, Hangar Y lies in the heart of a 10-hectare park designed by Le Nôtre and listed as a ‘National Estate’.

The place is spread over 3 major areas - the hangar, the park, and the ‘undergrowth’. The renovation project was designed to preserve the natural environment and the history of the site.

Emblematic of the industrial architecture of the late 19th century: an iron structure, exposed bricks, a glass roof that floods the interior with natural light, and curved, symmetrical lines, Hangar Y is also striking for its exceptional size (70 m long, 41 m wide and a 26 m high nave).

Hangar Y – Paris Meudon - Extérieur, Paris
Hangar Y – Paris Meudon with its huge central nave and mezzanines on either side, has a surface area of 4,000 m² and a capacity of up to 2000 people.

L’Atelier, a modern building on the water, with a surface area of 350 m², includes 4 rooms for up to 40 people and a foyer.
The restaurant – Le Perchoir Y, a modern building with a surface area of 450 m² and a seating capacity of 300.
La Guinguette éphémère, a temporary installation from May to September can host up to 500 people.
So many different places to imagine tailor-made events on a grand scale. Change dimension at Hangar Y!

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Hangar Y – Paris Meudon - Intérieur, Paris