Paris welcomes you ahead of the Games

As summer approaches, Paris prepares to host the Olympic Games, both in its iconic venues and in the temporary ones that have been created. Visitors can still discover the city in the run-up to the Games, as preparations gradually get underway.



There are a lot of untruths about the Olympic Games, one of which is that you shouldn't visit the host destination before the event because it's too expensive and crowded. But today, Paris is no more expensive than it was yesterday, and offers visitors the chance to discover a city that has never been so dynamic. Parisian professionals are ready to welcome the tourists in the best possible conditions, in a Paris that has undergone unprecedented urban, cultural and tourist renewal.
Here are 5 features that make pre-games Paris the perfect city for your events.

Parisian hoteliers welcome clients, as usual and unchanged

  • Outside the specific 15-day period of the Olympic Games, there is still plenty of availability in Parisian hotels, with booking rates even slightly down on 2023, especially in June.
  • While there is a logical rise in prices during the 15 days of the Olympic Games, this is not passed on to the rest of spring, summer or autumn in Paris. Nor is it observed during the Paralympic Games, from August 28 to September 8.
  • Hotel prices are stable: -0.1% in January in Paris intra-muros compared with 2023.

Tourist activities operate as normal, with a rich cultural program.

  • Sites, museums and monuments are open and accessible as usual.
  • The Olympic spirit is already here, with the Cultural Olympiad, a rich cultural program combining sport and culture that has been accessible for several months. July will also see the arrival of the Olympic Torch Relay in Paris, on July 14 and 15.
  • This period also is an opportunity to live a new experience with the progressive dressing up of the “Look of the Games” in the urban space.
  • For all your ticket bookings, the Paris je t'aime teams are here to help tourism professionals! Click here to contact us.

Organized, anticipated traffic flow in Paris

The temporary Olympic sites in the heart of the city are set up progressively from spring onwards, with dismantling scheduled for autumn. While assembly and dismantling have some impact on motorized traffic around these areas, they in no way hinder tourist activity:

  • With the exception of 3 metro stations that will be closed (Concorde, Champs Elysées Clémenceau and Tuileries), public transport operates normally.
  • Most tourist attractions, such as Montmartre, the Left Bank (Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Montparnasse, Luxembourg, the Latin Quarter...), the Marais, Opéra, and eastern Paris, will not be affected.
  • River cruises on the Seine will continue until 7 days before the opening ceremony on July 26.

Major advances in accessibility

  • On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the city has been working hard to improve its accessibility for people with disabilities. These improvements already are are perceptible everywhere in Paris (buses and streetcars; cab companies, etc.). More than 500 vehicles with ramps are provided by the G7 company.
  • Paris je t'aime provides two tools for its tourists:
    prior to their stay: a hotline dedicated to tourist information for disabled people. +33 1 49 52 53 00
    On site: My Paris je t'aime Handicap, offering activities and transport adapted to the user's disability.

My Paris je t'aime

Don't hesitate to recommend to your customers, an indispensable digital companion for visitors to Paris. It shows visitors the points of interest around them by geolocating them, and is a mine of practical information and activity suggestions.


Paris 2024 has chosen some remarkable locations for its competition venues: the Champ-de-Mars, the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palais. While most of them already exist, a few others are to be set up on a temporary basis. Since early spring, the city has been preparing to host this global event, setting up the grandstands as well as the various areas for the general public, the athletes and the various players involved in the organization. Temporary sites are nevertheless set up progressively until the Games, and traffic constraints will be limited geographically.
Here are 5 answers to help you understand the traffic situation before the Games.

In which areas of Paris are the temporary competition sites located?

These sites are concentrated in the central west of Paris. See our full map, including all competition sites:
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What impact will this have on areas hosting temporary competition sites?

On the Place de la Concorde
La Concorde will host a temporary installation for the Skateboard, BMX, Basketball 3x3 and Breaking events.
Installation work has been underway since March. The Place de la Concorde is the only area of the temporary sites where traffic is completely interrupted since June 2024. The Concorde, Tuileries and Champs Elysées Clémenceau metro stations will be progressively closed, including connections.

  • July 1st: Pont du Carrousel closed to traffic
  • July 15th: Pont Royal closed to traffic
  • metro station Concorde: closure on June 17th
  • metro station Tuileries: closure on June 17th
  • metro station Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau: closure on July 1st
    Stations to reopen on September 21, 2024.

In the zone: Tour Eiffel - Champ de Mars -Trocadéro
The area will host several competition venues, including the Tour Eiffel stadium, the Arena Champ de Mars and the Champions Park at Trocadéro.
Work has been underway since March, affecting motorized traffic.

  • June 10th: closure of avenue des Nations-Unies to traffic (including pedestrians)
  • July 1st: closure of the Trocadéro gardens and of avenues Albert-de-Mun and the south of the avenue Wilson
  • July 16th: closure of Place du Trocadéro and Pont d'Iéna
  • July 21st: closure to cars of quai Jacques-Chirac (between avenues Suffren and Bourdonnais); the underground passageway remains open to traffic.
  • July 24th: closure of quai Jacques-Chirac

In the area: Grand Palais - Esplanade des Invalides - Pont Alexandre III
The Invalides competition site will host archery, the start of road cycling and the finish of marathons. The Pont Alexandre III will host marathon swimming, triathlon and the finish of road cycling events.

  • Since May 17th: closure of Pont Alexandre III
  • From June 3rd until June 10th: Closure of the Port des Invalides
  • June 17th: closure of rue de l'Université between streets Fabert and Constantine

On the Seine, for the opening ceremony
Focus on the opening ceremony's week from July 18 to 26, 2024: how to get around Paris?
The opening ceremony on the Seine will welcome over 300,000 visitors on July 26, an exceptional event. Spectators will be seated on the upper and lower quays between the Austerlitz and Iéna bridges.
Timetable for bridge closures

  • Since May 17th: Pont Alexandre III (pedestrian traffic possible on a sidewalk)
  • From July 1st: Pont d'Iéna, Pont du Carrousel
  • From July 8th: Pont de l'Alma
  • From July 15th: Pont de la Concorde, Pont Royal, Pont d'Arcole
    All bridges upstream of the Pont d'Austerlitz and downstream of the Pont d'Iéna remain open.

At what point should we consider a full entry into the Paris 2024 Games celebration?

Paris will host the nationwide torch relay on July 14 and 15, 2024. This will kick off the celebrations of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. During these two days, the flame will pass through many arrondissements of Paris.
Torch relay in Paris, July 14 and 15, 2024:
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Yellow: flame crossing points on July 14
Pink: crossing points on July 15

What's available to best prepare for the Paris 2024 Games?

Your resources to make sure you don't miss a thing:
The Anticiper les Jeux? website, with information and advice on how to anticipate travel during the Games period
The Préfecture de Police website and press releases from the Prefecture .

Paris je t'aime - Convention bureau accompanies you

JOP information for tourism professionals: Olympic and Paralympic Games Resource Center
To guide your customers:, a geolocalized map that allows you to guide yourself via an itinerary system, select points of interest around you...

To consult our fact sheets on Pre-Games Traffic and Traffic in Paris
To contact us : We've created a FAQ with the most frequently asked questions, which we'll be adding to as we go along. If, after consulting our resources, you still can't find the answer to your question, you can contact our teams by e-mail at [email protected] or on +33 01 49 52 53 40