Mob Hotel Paris Les Puces - ★★★

4-6 rue Gambetta - 93400 Saint-Ouen 93 - Seine - Saint-Denis
In its popular and democratic vision, Mob Hotel guarantees a committed, affordable and unique experience, whose social ecology sums up the mission of a group of concerned hoteliers. Each place is designed for the neighborhood in which it develops and evolves according to its environment and the seasons.
To animate and encourage encounters Mob Hotel lives to the rhythm of live events, literary conferences, Mob radio, workshops, non-market events or other second-hand markets.
Sleeping, working, meeting, creating, in spaces where everything has been designed to make workers feel at home.
4 meeting spaces, 2 rooftops, 1 garden, 1 terrace fully privatizable.
Work days like at home: coffee reception, pastries, cakes, cookies, fruit, organic fruit juice, 3-course lunch, sweet and savory breaks.
Menus on demand
The Mob Hotel welcomes all types of events for companies or individuals.

Type of event

  • Cocktail
  • Press conference
  • Congress with exhibition
  • Congress without exhibition
  • Fashion show
  • Dinner
  • Art exhibition
  • Incentive / Team Building
  • Product launch
  • Meeting / conference / study day
  • Trade fair / exhibition
  • Residential seminar
  • Show room
  • Evening with dancing
  • Film shoot / Photo shoot

Technical services

Number of rooms:


Technical services

  • Outdoor reception area
  • Dance evening

Integrated catering service


SR1 Salle ou structure éphémère 98m²

In U shape 50 people
In classroom 45 people
Theater 100 people
Cocktail 80 people
Meeting room 50 people
Banquet 50 people
  • Daylight
  • Without pillar
  • Wheelchair accessible

SR2 Salle ou structure éphémère 65m²

In U shape 20 people
In classroom 20 people
Theater 45 people
Cocktail 30 people
Meeting room 20 people
Banquet 25 people
  • Wheelchair accessible

Kholkozita Salle ou structure éphémère 50m²

In U shape 15 people
In classroom 12 people
Theater 35 people
Cocktail 15 people
Meeting room 15 people
Banquet 15 people
  • Wheelchair accessible

Air Mob Salle ou structure éphémère 35m²

In U shape 8 people
Meeting room 8 people
Banquet 8 people
  • Daylight
  • Wheelchair accessible

Summer Bar Salle ou structure éphémère 80m²

Cocktail 60 people
Banquet 45 people
  • Daylight
  • Without pillar
  • Wheelchair accessible

Poulailler Salle ou structure éphémère 80m²

Cocktail 30 people
Banquet 18 people
  • Daylight
  • Without pillar

Restaurant Salle ou structure éphémère 200m²

Cocktail 150 people
Banquet 80 people
  • With stage
  • Daylight
  • Wheelchair accessible

Terrasse Salle ou structure éphémère 150m²

Cocktail 100 people
Banquet 85 people
  • Wheelchair accessible

Jardin Salle ou structure éphémère 300m²

Cocktail 150 people
Banquet 90 people
  • Without pillar
  • Wheelchair accessible

Rooms overview

In U shape In classroom Theater Cocktail Meeting room Banquet Daylight Without pillar Wheelchair accessible With stage
SR1 50 people 45 people 100 people 80 people 50 people 50 people
SR2 20 people 20 people 45 people 30 people 20 people 25 people
Kholkozita 15 people 12 people 35 people 15 people 15 people 15 people
Air Mob 8 people 8 people 8 people
Summer Bar 60 people 45 people
Poulailler 30 people 18 people
Restaurant 150 people 80 people
Terrasse 100 people 85 people
Jardin 150 people 90 people


  • Pets allowed
  • Air conditioning
  • Restaurant


Offer adapted to disabled people
Hearing impairment

Physical disability: 3 adapted rooms with en-suite equipped with walk-in shower (with foldable or moveable seat), adapted sink and toilet with lateral space and grab rail.
Hearing impairment: reservation and payment possible on the website, lift with screen for floor numbers or magnetic induction loop, fire alarm accompanied by flashing lights.
Mental disability: trained/educated staff, legible and easy-to-understand signs, monitored entrance visible from reception.

Organize an accessible event

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4-6 rue Gambetta
93400 Saint-Ouen
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Useful information

+33 (0) 1 47 00 70 70

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