Adapted places but not officially approved

Adapted tourist sites to disabled people but not officially approuved.

In addition to accomodation and places with the Tourisme & Handicap label, the Bureau also lists other accessible tourist amenities for disabled people, which have not adhered to the voluntary Tourisme & Handicap initiative. These comprise mainly of places open to the public, situated in Paris and in the Paris region.

Information on the accessibility of each of these places, judged adapted, can be found on a descriptive listing on the website, by clicking on the tab 'disability'.

Not all accommodation and other tourist places are accessible to date, or are not yet fully accessible for all categories of disability. The Bureau's website will help you to find information on the places that you wish to visit.

Once you have found an accessible place on, it is best to visit the venue's website or to telephone them (contact details available on the listing describing the venue) to get more detailed information according to disability.

Find out more:Tourisme & Handicap label

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau may not be held responsible if the conditions of accessibility of a facility have changed since we last visited it or since we received the latest information about it from the proprietors.N.B. Due to the large number of places listed, some of the information provided by these venues has not yet been checked independently. Customers are therefore advised to contact the venue beforehand in order to ensure that the amenities are adapted to their specific disability.