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Do you want to visit Paris, its historic sites and some of its secret places?
Look no further... I am your guide!
I can help you discover Paris through one of the following options:

Who am I?
A Parisian and fully licensed guide*, I welcome you and invite you to explore Paris with my lively and friendly guided tours.
l will help you discover the emblematic neighborhoods and places that make Paris known for its charm and magic. Picturesque streets, neighborhoods off the beaten path, parks, gardens, and secret passages hidden in heart of the city... I will share my knowledge as well as my favorite places.

*(License N° 1475011P issued by the French Ministry of Culture and Tourism).


  • On-demand and/or private excursion by bus/minibus
  • Scheduled excursion by bus/minibus
  • On foot
  • Architecture/urban planning
  • Exhibitions
  • Museums, monuments
  • Tailor-made tours
  • Themed tours
  • Walks, districts
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