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(Re)discover pastry tasting, thanks to Pâtissologie®.
Pâtissologie is the foundation of Honoré, a new concept: the art of tasting pastries, like oenology for wines.
Pâtissologie invites people to discover new pastries, to take the time to enjoy, to taste, to smell, to touch, to admire, but also to listen to the pastries they taste or make themselves.

Savor pastry through new experiences
Honoré's mission is to find and share good addresses, but also to (re)learn how to feel emotions and to savor pastries at their true value.
New experiences proposed to Parisians, tourists passing through the capital, or to those who do not always find pastry shops adapted to their diets.

Guided tasting tours
Honoré offers fun Pâtissologie® tours in Paris, in person or on smartphone.


De 50 à 180 € pour les parcours guidés en physique, en fonction des options choisies (seul(e) intégré(e) dans un groupe, seul(e) avec la guide, ou en duo avec la guide) A partir de 29€ par personne pour les parcours digitalisés.




  • On foot
  • Gastronomy and wine
  • Themed tours
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